August Blackburn, PhD

Principal Consultant

Dr Blackburn is an expert in statistical genetics, bioinformatics, and biostatistics. Dr Blackburn earned his PhD in Cellular and Structural Biology from UT Health San Antonio in 2013. He did postdoctoral fellowships in statistical genetics at Texas Biomedical Research Institute and at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Dr Blackburn has authored multiple peer-reviewed scientific papers and presented at international scientific conferences. Dr Blackburn's expertise is in statistical genetics and analysis of 'omics technologies such as mRNA sequencing and metabolomics. Dr. Blackburn is an expert in R, perl, and shell scripting. He also has experience as a consultant for medical device manufacturers, and has consulted on multiple "De Novo" and 510(k) FDA applications.

Serving biomedical science through statistics

Our aim at Blackburn Statistics, LLC is to aide scientists and physicians at industry-leading businesses and premier-level research institutions in advancing basic science and patient care by providing elite level data analysis. We make biostatistical services more accessible to companies and researchers by providing services in a timely and affordable manner.

Breaking into new fields

The application of statistics in novel fields is a proven innovative force. Blackburn Statistics, LLC is actively seeking projects in fields lacking rigorous statistical applications.